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Western Heritage Show

Excited to share that I will be displaying my painted skulls at the Crested Butte Center for the Arts in the “Western Heritage” group show September 9th - October 2nd.

This will be one of a few times that the skulls have been shown for the public and I am excited (and nervous) to learn what a broader audience’s response is to them. If you are in the neighborhood this Friday, 9/9 stop by the Center for the opening show, we will be there with our boots on from 5-7 (and I hear there will be a special “cowgirl” cocktail!)

The “War Paint” series focuses on portraying the power struggle between the land and human uses of the land. The metallic coloring on the skulls represents the historic impacts of the mining, agriculture and recreation industries on natural resources. The earth tones and precious stone coloring represent the land itself. Each of these elements must be balanced to ensure environmental sustainability. The pieces are intended to symbolize the power and responsibility we possess to influence the future of our planet. The skulls are an embodiment of the legacy we can leave behind.

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