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40% OFF "War Paint" Painted Skull Series & Commissions

End of Year Sale on Original Art & 2023 Commissions

For details, please visit the shop: Laura Barkley Art | Abstract Art | CO Artist

At the end of each year, I find it imperative for personal growth to reflect upon my experiences and challenges of the past year. Looking back on the moments of 2022, I am most predominantly overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude for health, community, family, travel, the new and amazing people I have met, and very specifically the ability to reconnect in person with long distance friends and loved ones.

I also like to take this time of year to purge (literally and figuratively) - my home, studio, emotional holdings and negative thoughts or habits that I feel are limiting progress. I find it helpful to place intentional focus on putting the past, as well as my fears/anxieties, behind me in order to make space for new adventures and goals. So, in the spirit of literally creating space, I am excited to offer the “War Paint” artworks for 40% off through the end of the year. Being that my 40th year on this Earth is wrapping up, 40% felt fitting!

These one-of-a-kind, statement pieces will certainly add intrigue to any space!

2023 commissions received by the end of the year are also included at the same discounted rate.

In the event you find yourself interested in a painted skull, but the color or type of skull does not fit your décor or personal interests - or you are seeking a canvas painting designed specifically for your space, please know I am open to commissions. The price for any commission requested by 12/31/22 will be included in the 40% off sale. Final price will be quoted based on canvas size desired.


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