Hi World & Goodbye 2017!

Kicking off 2018 by placing focus on reconnecting with the things that bring light into my life; painting, snowboarding, travel and hosting dinner parties!

But first things first, I am finally publishing a new website after letting my internet presence lapse in the past years!

So hello again world!

Second to that, I will be setting realistic and sustainable goals! None of this - lose 15 pounds by my birthday (February), hike Capital (the most notorious 14,000 ft Colorado mountain, and my 2017 resolution fail), have a new painting completed each month (a 2016 resolution fail), learn to play the guitar (2000-2017 resolution fails).....you get the point.

So happy new year and cheers to #livinglight.

2018 motto: Look forward, be present, be kind, love stuff and make healthy choices.....life could be short!

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