About Laura


"I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love"

Leo Tolstoy​

Hi friends and fellow art lovers! 

It can be hard to share the inner workings of our hearts and minds with the world, as is the nature of many artists, so I first want to thank you for stopping by and perusing my site.  I hope that my earth and energy inspired art brings light and a vivaciousness to your day.


I have been inspired by color, mother earth and all forms of visual art since I was a young kiddo.  Painting in particular has always been my favorite medium (I have learned that I should stay within my own personal 2D constraints, I am sure my ceramic and sculpture professors at Clemson University would agree).  My work continues to be nature and emotion inspired.  Color combinations, shadows and textures found naturally occurring automatically translate into abstract design elements in my mind.  

The conceptual process of making a mark and responding to each design element until I feel all marks collectively make the piece successful, mimics my philosophy on life.  If we walked away or gave up each time a decision or action was not successful, we would never progress, much less succeed in leading a full life.  Through this process, each work of art becomes its own living organism or universe if you will.  I will work on the piece until I feel the need to step away and let my mind rest on the elements and color combinations.  I will then revisit the piece with fresh eyes and clean paint brushes, repeating the process until I am at peace with the creation and no additional mark will make the piece more complete, balanced and intriguing to look at.  The unplanned nature at which I approach the act of painting, is ironically the only piece of my life I truly control.  It is a conscious reminder life is ever changing and I must simply evolve with it to continue moving forward and build a fruitful existence.


In the past years, since I moved to Colorado, I have also grown fond of painting on animal skulls.  I love bringing life back to these creatures through color and adornment as a reminder that our energy is eternal.  Just as climbing to mountain tops gives me perspective as to how small and insignificant my challenges are in the scheme of things, my intrigue with the skulls is that it brings the reality of our immortality to the forefront.  The “war paint” (as I like to call it) I apply, is a reminder of the perpetual energy all living entities provide to the earth and the legacy we can all leave behind. 

The inspiration I have to paint and the approach I take to create, challenges me daily to live brightly for whatever duration I may have with all you beautiful people on this beautiful planet.

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