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So I got a cat, and the rest is history…

Well not really, but I do love him more than mac and cheese! And I will be the first to admit I did not reach my 2018 or 2019 artistic goals. But life did evolve in many other amazing and challenging ways. To refer back to my 2017 goals that I mocked in my first ever blog post for being far fetched, I did finally burn off the 15lbs I had gained due to work/life stress and climbed the infamous Colorado 14er, Capitol peak. I also diligently focused for the past two years on integrating my 2018 motto into my life's daily practices: "Look forward, be present, be kind, love stuff and make healthy choices".

I am feeling content with the progress I have made, finally making room for old and new life loves (aka painting, cooking and writing).

In the past months, in particular, I have been feeling my creative energies tugging at my heart as well as the universe slipping me hints that something imperative to my happiness is missing.

I have multiple new artistic concepts rolling around in my mind, time to see if they are stimulating once alive in the physical world!


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