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The Man in the Moon
  • The Man in the Moon

    Oil Paint & Silver Leaf on Buffalo Skull


    The “War Paint” series focuses on portraying the power struggle between the land and human uses of the land. The metallic coloring on the skulls represents the historic impacts of the mining, agriculture and recreation industries on natural resources. The earth tones and precious stone coloring represent the land itself. Each of these elements must be balanced to ensure environmental sustainability. The pieces are intended to symbolize the power and responsibility we possess to influence the future of our planet. The skulls are an embodiment of the legacy we can leave behind.

    • Shipping or Delivery

      Shipping and Colorado delivery available, if interested please contact me directly for an exact quote to your destination.


      • Average cost for shipping domestically is an additional ~$350
      • Average delivery cost within Coloardo is an additional $100 (pending distance from artist's studio)
    • Additional Images

      If you would like additional images or a video of the product, please direct message me with your inquiry.

    • Payment

      Preferred payment methods are Venmo, Zelle or Cash - but I do accept credit cards.  If this is your choice of payment method I will send an invoice once shipment/delivery is determined for final payment.

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